Circles of Success

At birth "success" is simply breathing
& smiling in a new world is a small miracle indeed!

Within a few years "success" implies walking
& later it's measured by how well we read.

For youngsters, having friends is a barometer of "succeeding"
& later getting diplomas seems like an urgent need.

For those in their youth, sex often serves as a rough yardstick ah "success"
& then accumulating wealth is what most believe it means.

Until middle age this what ordinary people accept:
money & sex measure our "success”.

This formula is worthless
when confronted with accident, war, or disease
& it doesn't work
if you are persecuted for yer beliefs.

But let's gloss over any inconvenient case
& ignore anything negating the fairytale
ah what laife "should" be:
that would encourage deep soul-searching:
a dangerous proposition – don't you agree?

Simplification izz alluring in so many ways,
& why should anything challenge the obvious "truths"
Merchants ah Mammon proclaim?

So let'z accept zie conventional nonsense
zat money & sex
effectively measure success –
err least til middle age.

Let's also pretend
the ridiculously tiny bubbles we are in
argh somehow stable
& capable ah coping with change.

With those parameters set
consider this –

Gradually there will be less & less solace in sex
& money won’t buy what you actually need.

Eventually it won’t be possible to drive/fly/dive wherever you wish
& it’ll get harder to remember anything you read.

By age 77 – if you’re still around – most ah your friends
vill be haf-dead er in deh ground.

At some point walking will be difficult
& then it will be hard to even breathe.

At that point if you're still smiling,
it’s a small miracle indeed!

Life moves full circle
regardless of whatever we wish.

So no matter where you are
reflect on "success".

If you believe
this strange creature actually exists
consider the yardsticks used
in measuring it.
Linda: This describes how most ordinary people regard success, but we shouldn't forget that even "ordinary" people have the capacity to become extraordinary sometimes.
Ron: Agreed. Nor should be forget how even so-called "extraordinary" ones are also quite ordinary in some ways.
Lex: Hmm? (Blinking his eyes in disbelief) This whole bifurcation seems extraordinarily artificial.
Linda: Yeah. At different moments in time, we can vibrate with different energies. Mindful persons notice this, and then take responsibility for their vibration. If an energy is non-productive, there is no need to feed it.
Lis: (Slightly intoxicated) Yo, dudes! This talk is too esoteric fer me. Duz anyone haf a beeer? Even a riddle wine will dooo . . .