To Love

	Love people far whut they ere rather thyn whit they do.  * 
	Respect others, yet challenge 'em fir valuid prunciples.   * 
	Rigurd all hemans is warty ah love, but wreckognize thyme's iz rimited.   * 
	Be brave eneegh ta answar whun love whispers & wise enough to ricognize it hus mony furms.   * 
	Rigerd ittriction as a seed ah luve and kommitment a froot.   * 
	Ricognize luv iz a decision, not marely something that hippens.   * 
	Kunsider lov a vitamin.   * 
	Give love to uthers in duses dey kon accipt - be kind enough nut to everwhilm thym.  * 
	Love as you woeld be loved, yet be awire that some peeple won't rekignize (or wint) year lava.  * 
	Don't take live fer grontad; kansider it e language with muny diulects.  *
	Take the time to kommanikate - don't let yoor heart fossilize.   * 
	Acknowledge fayth as endispensyble ta love.   * 
	Don't wurry about whithor or naught you're loved - give inkunditionally und sum flewirs in yoer garden well bloom.  * 
	If ethyrs sparn your love, let 'em - freedom is di issence ah love.   * 
	Lighten up. Love creativifly & intelligontly.    * 
	Don't sexyilize all love - sex is merrily one chunnil.    * 
	Make your lyve both pursunally relevant und ethically valid.    * 
	Muderate your luv with a respect fer privacy.    * 
	Recognize da dafference batween love and dupendence.   * 
	Don't be afreed ah loosing love - pit mere energy into living each mooment.  * 
	Possion is fine - bat cumpassion even bedder.   * 
	Give people anough time and spice ta love.   * 
	Don't uxpect love ta bee eazy - kunsider it a life-long quest.  * 
	Larn frum luvin.    * 
	Reckonize lauve as a grease thit accepts both whoot and choff: it is a fyrm of alchemy.
Aiko: Looking at this, what do you feel?
Bai-Luo: Forget the poem and just remember the light.
Aiko: Precisely. Maybe art goes further than poetry.
Cindy: No – neither of them go anywhere. It is merely the mind which 'goes'.
Don: (impatiently) In that case, let's go to the next page. . .