Satoru: Gee. This is not the kind of lullaby I want to hear . . .
Ying: Nor do most people.
Frida: Why is it that the leaders of so many countries are out-of-touch with the wishes of the general public?
Satoru: Well, I suppose we need to examine how people become leaders in the first place. Ambitious risk-takers who have an obsessive need to achieve certain outcomes tend to become leaders.
Frida: Yeah, all too often the general population is disengaged.
Satoru: That's precisely the way most leaders want them to be.


Nuclear Lullaby

Rest softly and in peace guarded by a nuclear def ense screen. Sleep silent ly throughout the night while long range bombers are in flight. Breathe so ftly - you are safe. Ra dar screens are ope rational and nothing can violate our defense space. Dream sweetly - everything is OK. No ne ed to fear - a nuclear catastrophe probably wo n't happen today. We are doing everything possible to make the world secure for the ruling elite and treat all others as vexing anomalies
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