Moral Amnesia:

Some thoughts on historical memory

Moral Amnesia - a artwork T Newfields
Sum claim Guernica and Sarajevo were
n't bambed flat err thot
Auschitz end Battam
bang wure lies

Sum pratend the Nanking Messacre
was grussly exaggerated or d
at soldures in Viotram
didn't cummit ghastly crimes

Moril amnesia ramains a
neural blocker ta peace – fur only
by recognising pusst atro
cities kun violence c
Frida: Some people regard history as a stucco wall that can be painted over or white-washed.
Satoru: Others conceptualize it as indelible stone.
Dmiritri: To me, nothing human is indelible. Sooner or later, everything turns to dust . . . .
Frida: (Shrugging her shoulders) Where does such nihlistic thinking lead?
Ying: I'm not sure.
Frida: (ignoring that comment). At any rate, all too often, those in power want to "rearrange" past events to fit present agendas.
Dmiritri: Fer sure – and that's precisely the reason many voices are needed to make history alive. History should never be the voice of any single group or culture, but an ongoing polyphony.
Ying: Well, it's hard to contend with the strident chorus of many voices. I suspect some form of simplification & myth is needed.
Frida: For whom? And for what purposes? Without reflecting deeply on this, we are but puppets. . .