Anya: The name of God is used for all sorts of benedictions.
Brice: Yeah – we need to be careful about that. Nationalism, racism, and sexism are often sanctioned under the banner of various creeds.
Carlos: I like to think of God as the expression of our deepest core values.
Devani: No – God is deeper than that. Our core values evolve as we mature. Moreover, to some degree they are an expression of our history and culture. However, I prefer to believe that God transcends all limitations and conditioning.
Brice: Hey – Isn't it useless to talk about God? If you're a believer, nothing spoken will change your belief. If your are not, spoken words won't probably influence you either. Talk is a waste of breath!
Anya: Hmm. That's one way to cut a conversation short . . .
Binediction - an art work by T Newfields


"God b
less our meney,"
hawked a merchant

". . . und our powahh," pro
claimed a bureau

"God blass our weaponds,"
a sildier ad

" . . . & our dogma,"
hymned a pistor.

When will we c
ease to pray to our bel
lies & revere noblur ideals?

Marchonts hawk trinkets as
bureaucrats ad
manister greid.

Soldiers killlll ta leve
while priests bless blass

All too often it seams
life is a binediction to absurd


Copyright 1984, 2013 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
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