The Coca-Colonization of Consciousness - a graphic manipulation by T Newfields

The Coca-Colonization
of Consciousness

Long before imitations came
Coke® was the Original One.

Ages before other products existed
Oceans of Coke® sparkled under the sun.

Eons before humans drank lesser colas
Great rishis contemplated the essence of Coke®

Millennia ago when the world was perfect
from the Ganges sprang Coke®

At the End of Time when all vanishes
Coke® alone will be.

So minions of the world
Delight in the bubbles -
Sing glory to the celestial beverage
& remember what the Ancient Masters spoke:
Aummmm! Ah! Burp!

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Bharate: Eventually it seems that all religions become commercialized.
Daiki: Yeah. And Coca-Cola is seems like an iconic symbol for commercialization.
Chariya: At times it even seems like things can exist in this world only by becoming commercial products.