Chariya: Gurus are not market commodities.
Daiki: Well, seems like everything in dis world 'zzz fer sale.
Chariya: That may be, but a true guru is not in this world. Their body is here, but consciousness elsewhere. Don't you see that?
Daiki: No.
Chariya: Then enjoy your candy bars. . .

Guru Bars

Gurus are perfect contradictions
with tantalizing incongruities.

If reality seems too bland
or life lacks flavor
why not try a Guru BarTM or
or chakra-experience that can be savored?

Guru BarsTM come in many sizes
and are sold in countless ways.

Experience transcendental bliss:
Get a guru fresh 'n crisp
who brings a shakti-flavor
to aspirants to savor

A Sweetness
Out of This World.

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