An-Yi: Do you think Maharishi was an awakened sage or skilled charlatan?
Bhäraté: Must this be an "either-or" scenario? Isn't it possible he was enlightened in some sense,
yet also engaged in a charade?
An-Yi: Yeah, even if one is sincere, a bit of showmanship often seems necessary to get anywhere in this world.
Bhäraté: Precisely! However, true meditation should not be about "getting anywhere" in this world – but about transcending it.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Transmuting inconsistency into shibboleth
he trademarked "enlightenment"
selling mantras like hamburgers
in market-efficient ways.

Sitting on a deer-skin throne
surrounded by white silken sheets
He learned how godlike
it was to market "reality".

Twisting Shiva's dance
into pseudo-science
he saw spiritual aspirants
as business clients.

While videos rolled
and cameras clicked
devotees sat mesmerized
as this man transformed an ancient maya
to a global franchise.
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