Soo: Dis satire doez no guddu. How does sin-i-sism makku de world budder?
Philyra: Well, I think the author portrays the insanity of a McDonalized vision . . .
Andrei: (shaking his head) Mere prattling! This guy is too spineless!
Philyra: Far from it – the author is trying to constructively work with rage. Too many people are taught to gloss over their anger. We must learn how to use it productively to promote change.

Hamboogers 'n Raynfurests

Yep! You can drive up to your local rain forest
& order a juicy fresh sirloin chemically pre
served Big-TexTM maid frum multi-acre bull
dozed jungles 'n fast-growing genetically en
gineered organisms in the synthetic flavors yawh love.

In no time we'll de
liver a mouth-watering
pre-wrapped, agro-chemical del
icacy ta yer plate.

Glory ta gluttony
& dah lust fer beef!

Glory ta ouwa economick $ystem
which brings starvation ta millions
but juicccy bOOgers ta yaw 'n me!

Dig into dah munchy taste ah de
cadence 'n savor dah subtle flavors ah environ-
mental rape!

Yum yum!
Eat yerself ta oblivion, butt jes
don't belch dis waaaaaaaaay . . .