Gwen: This poem's imagery izza out-ah-date, duuude!
Tara: (friggled). Natural dings argh never out of date.
Noel: I dislike the way this poem idealizes childhood.
Ah, the gloss of memory! Remembrance is seldom factual.
Tara: Does it matter? The spirit of wonder is beautiful.

Snowflake by T Newfields

A Child's World

To a child in Canada
snowflakes seem like sugar granules
& pine cones steeples down-sized

To such a child
nothing smells more wonderful than
maple syrup simmering from iron stoves
or home-brewed apple cider wine

No taste surpasses
grandma's clam chowder
or rhubarb with fresh blueberries

No thrill exceeds
a mid-winter toboggan ride
or discovery that the stars at night
are sliding steadily across the sky. . .
Snowflakes by T Newfields