Noel: This is a paean to mountains, right?
Gwen: Seems so.
Orapan: Mountains don't need paeans – they need environmental protection.
Gwen: Isn't it the other way around? Mountains (being inanimate)
actually need nothing, but humans (being alive) need protection because . . .
Noel: Because blah, blah, blah . . . (shrugging) I've heard it a thousand times before.
Tara: Ah, the mountains of discourse are difficult to climb!
Summits - an art work by T Newfields created in on July 27, 2002

ice when
earth touches
heaven and stars see
m to be in reach – times when
our eyes become confounded by massive
vertical structures and clouds see
m to merge with mountain peaks?

as mere geological structures
nor barriers between you and XYZ
recognize mountains
as the living skin of this planet:
moving so slowly
it takes
millions of years
to see

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Copyright (c) 1996, 2017 by T Newfields. All rights inferred.
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