Teachers as Butchers - an art work by T Newfields

Teachers as Butchers

The best teachers are butchers –
instruments of violence,
yet strangely compassionate:
with swift pedagogical hacks
students are anesthetized
& arranged in convenient stacks

With wry humor
they size up cadaevers quickly
knowing exactly where meat lies

Moving past superficiality
& getting down to the bones of each issue
with professionalism 'n pride

No one obsessed with decorum
can teach transformatively –
deep change doesn't come
by merely doing what others wish to see.

Transformative instructors go below the flesh:
for them, there are no obstacles

Even when blood spurts
& confronted with gutlike rejection each day
they're aloof from the whole affair:
whistling while slicing off prejudice
and breathing calmly while performing alchemy –
their consciousness is above the chopping boards
of wherever they fare

Satoru: This makes teachers seem like sadistic thugs!
Tim: Well, most students are already dead. Perhaps skillful hacks are needed to bring them back to life?
Liao: (shaking his head) I'm afraid you're blinded by the metaphors.
Melissa: Yeah, there is something strangely hyper-masculine, almost socipathic about this poem. . . .
Devani: Well, butcher-teachers might be good for training solidiers. However, doesn't our planet need more compassionate human beings?