Tim: There's something magical about reading.
Satoru: Indeed. Engaging texts almost read themselves: pages flow spontaneously as imagery is evoked.
Tim: Great texts alchemize our imaginations in amazing ways. Not all texts have that capacity.
Melissa: Indeed, whereas some texts seem stale and dull, others are vivid and flowing.
Liao: Who knows? It's fascinating to observe how different texts excite different people. In this way, reading resembles romance.

    The Lure of Books    

In some ways reading is like sex:
words must be disrobed to reveal intent.

What appears on the surface
is merely a superficial guise:
passionate readers go deeper
to explore where real intentions lie.

Undressing texts takes courage
and often personal risk,
yet by doing so readers can discover
how texts have the potential to
strip away preconceptions
exposing any deeply muted wish.

By unzipping our imaginations,
and taking artistic liberties
great texts use metaphors
to cast light on our foolishness
and mirror our fantasies.