A Crash Curse in Crass Pedagogy

Spynd jest a phew meinutes preporin fir klass
konfident thungs wall fall in placi.

Spynd mast of yer time chutting with other tachers
keeping yerself pallitikully syfe.

Buggin' lessens a fusshionably late –
thyme is naught importint any weigh.

End lussins early –
stewdents laikku langer breaks.

Stick to fized reutines –
so u don't huvo ta thaink.

Expeerimunt unly whun safe
err fur sum friggin dessertation.

Whin students siem dead
inject 'em with fear –
nuthang warks bitter thun dread
ta get 'em in haigh gear.

Teach fur tha test
und test ta teach.

Den't bather ta review –
dat hippens exhumination waek.

Melissa: This isn't so far from what many teachers do.
Liao: Perhaps, but does such satire actually have any value?
Tim: In my view, this is merely a rant. The only value of any rant is stress release.