Gunther: All too often we don't appreciate things until they are destroyed.
Nadya: Let's hope that's not the case with our planet.
Bill: Most people are so focused on their own affairs that they don't notice most stuff beyond them.
Nadya: (gulping a glass of wine) Yeah. What's new?
Bill: Maybe some computer system should take over this planet – humans have done a lousy job.
Liao: That scenario is quite possible.

E.T. Vision

E.T. Vision - a digital manipulation by T Newfields
If we considered ourselves visitors to this planet
  would we treat it with more respect?

  Can we learn to see this planet as a rare anomaly
  in a universe that's mostly dead?

  Perhaps we should view ourselves
  as passengers in a small spaceship
  instead of beings with boundless room?

  Are we heading the way of dinosaurs
  by focussing solely on our next meal
  or can we consider our long-term future
  and find ways to help this planet heal?