Fantasy / Reality
In fantasy I’m
a charming prince with
energy, zest, and vigor
keen to explore strange new fields
& travel to distant lands

Immensely inquisitive,
Infinitely confident,
blissfully ignorant,
uncannily intuitive,
I’m unafraid (and unaware)
of the contradictions around me

My entire existence seems
playful & serious:
& miracles are noted continually
Fantasy/Reality - Part 1 by T Newfields
Fantasy/Reality - Part 2 by T Newfields In reality I’m
a haggard ol’ buzzard
uften tired, lonely & bored bi
dah hollowness ah me fantasies
err fickleness ah me moodz

I’m learning nut ta take meself
2 seriously & ignore dah kravings
ah me monkey mind &
no longer unquestionably do azz inclined:
sensing how fallible my mind iz
I see dah irony ah being 95% ape
50% ah dah time

Iz nut it best
simply ta breath softly & avoid un-
necessary doing?
Yeah! Jes’ Fookus & B restful –
1 breath
1 wave ah awareness
1 small kunsciousness &
1 Giant Wheel Ah Existence

Copyright (c) 2013 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.
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