It must be Wonder Woman!

It must be Wonder Woman - a digital collage by T Newfields

Last night I met an amazing woman
who seemed like a princess in many ways.

She was intelligent, strong, and witty,
though strangely disillusioned about modern days.

Demure about her origins,
she told me she was on some "sacred mission"
that seemed like nonsense to my all too jaded ears.

"I want to make the world a better place -
one where there is justice, freedom, and equality.
I want to help create a world without fear,"
this wise (though naïve) amazon said bravely.

Was she from Themyscira?
Or sent from the CIA?

Was she looking for ancient alien technology?
Or was just "hanging out" after a busy day?

Jovially, she told me to call her "Diana"
then mentioned each person can contribute to world peace.

She wanted to say more, but soon after
her bracelet started ringing
this mysterious figure departed swiftly.

That person was unlike anyone else I knew,
so I concluded the implausible was likely:

I had ah cup a coffee with Wonder Woman,
who then vanished somewhere into the blue.