Some American Corporate Slogans You'll Never See

American Corporate Slogans You'll Never See: a graphic manipulation by T Newfields

Apple Computer: Unafraid of the Pit at Its Core.

Coca-Cola: Pleasantly Poisoning The World.

Jim Beam: Offering Great Spirits Day by Day.

KFC: Ripping You Off, Bite by Bite.

Lockheed: Locking Up Your Future!

Mastercard: Masterfully Managing Mammon.

Merk: Pumping Out More Pills Than You'll Ever Need.

McDonalds: Mass-Marketing Death Between Each Bun.

Monsanto: Mutating Life & Marketing Death.

Walmart: Rock-Bottom Prices with Sky-High Irresponsibility!

Sam:   Why rant against corporations?
Tim:   Because the biggest criminals on this planet aren't individuals, but organizations. They now have more rights than private individuals.
Kris:   Well, why aren't more organizations on the FBI's "Most Wanted List"?
Terri:   Well . . . Maybe the FBI itself is a criminal organization? It certainly is not immune to political pressure.
Tim:   It seems most corporations are so obsessed with short-term profit that they are oblivious to the harm they are causing.
Terri:   I think several major offenders are not listed here.
Tim:   Of course! Really skillful criminal groups elude all radar screens.