Top Frame to _Post-Democracy_ - a graphic manipulation by T Newfields


There never was an election . . .
only a pseudo-democratic facade
No candidates were present –
just front-row mannequins
and back-seat gods
The whole thing was manipulation –
brain-washing as subliminal art
The best way to kill democracy
is to manipulate it so smoothly
no one notices
the subtle strings
When action and words
become far apart
trust becomes a 3-second phenomena:
a mere commodity
in the global-mart
Terri: Pretty cynical, eh?
Tim: It's tempting to be that way. Nearly every American is the victim of massive disinformation.
Sam: (shaking his head) Shucks! I don't wanna think 'bout dis. It'z too damn depressin'!
Kris: Don't worry – the people in office don't want you to think about it either.
Bottom Frame to _Post-Democracy_ - a graphic manipulation by T Newfields