TESOL Matters Vol 7. No. 6. Dec 1997 - Jan. 1998. (p. 16)

Video Resources in Cyberspace

by Randall Davis and Tim Newfields

Are you interested in learning more about media resources on the World Wide Web? Would you like to find detailed information about movies and educational videos? Fortunately, finding these resources to support the use of video has become so much easier with the advent of World Wide Web. Here are several sites which should help you get started:

1. Finding a Movie:
The Internet Movie Database should be one of your first stops on the Web, with over 120,000 movie titles to browse through. Search results provide plot summaries, cast members, movie trivia and goofs, memorable quotes, viewers ratings and recommendations. Finally, miscellaneous offsite links to official studio pages, fan pages, image and multimedia archives, and newsgroup reviews are offered. Two other informative sites are the All-Movie Guide, which includes star ratings, movies reviews, and actors' biographies, and Greatest Films, which specializes in detailed summaries of classic American films.
2. Purchasing or Renting a Video:
Reel: The Planet's Biggest Movie Store is an extensive online video order and rental service , with over 80,000 titles to choose from. For educational videos, check out Schoolhouse Videos & More. They offer over 7,000 videos about topics such as business skills, travel, nature sports, the environment, and historical documentaries.
3. Obtaining a Movie Script:
Drew's Script-O-Rama is a comprehensive index of about 600 movie and television scripts which can be downloaded right from the site. Another site, The Script Shop, offers complete authentic screenplays for about 3000 movies in printed form for US$15.00. Also NemoniC's Unlimited Movie Script & Screenplay Page! has around 200 movie scripts online which can be downloaded free.
4. Finding Movie and Video Clips:
The Movie Sounds Page will help you locate audio clips from a number of movies. Video Links<_CITE> consists of a collection of hundreds of movie, music, and TV commercial clips.
5. Searching for Background Information on Movie Stars:
he Celebrity Connection includes the mailing addresses of hundreds of famous personalities. Infoseek Results contains a listing of many movie stars and their fan clubs.
6. Understanding Copyright Laws:
Motion Picture Licensing Corporation addresses the use of pre-recorded home videocassettes. Instructional Television Fixed Services and Guide to Copyright discuss the use of off-air broadcast recordings for educational purposes.
7. Locating Video-related Sites Focusing on Language Learning:
The JALT Video National Special Interest Group Homepage contains information on current video events, a listing of presentations and papers on video, including the interest group's online publication, Video Rising Online, and network information about teachers working with video. Another site, Video & Captioning, contains a list of resources on using captioned video for educational purposes. Finally, The Media Classroom provides an assortment of ideas on how to use video in the classroom.

This list will help you ge started, but it is is far from exhaustive because new sites are emerging each day and changes in technology are constantly expanding. If you find an informative site, please send the Web site address to http://members.tripod.com/~jalt_video/guest.htm. [Expired Link]

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