Hamboogers 'n Raynfurests:

Some Thoughts about Meat Consumption

Yep! You can drive up to your local rain forest
& order a juicy fresh sirloin chemically pre
served Big-TexTM maid frum multi-acre bull
dozed jungles 'n fast-growing genetically en
gineered organisms in the synthetic flavors yawh love.

In no time we'll de
liver a mouth-watering
pre-wrapped, agro-chemical del
icacy ta yer plate.

Glory ta gluttony
& dah lust fer beef!

Glory ta ouwa economick $ystem
which brings starvation ta millions
but juicccy bOOgers ta yaw 'n me!

Dig into dah munchy taste ah de
cadence 'n savor dah subtle flavors ah environ-
mental rape!

Yum yum!
Eat yerself ta oblivion, butt jes
don't belch dis waaaaaaaaay . . .