Ellesha: Finally - a work without political agendas!
Jules: Look closely: it extols one theme while ignoring others. Isn't that political?
Philyra: We've got to learn to see everything as political: the things we buy, the stuff we say,
the clothes we wear, and of course the crap we write.
Andrei: Yawh take things too far . . . Why not relax 'n enjoy a kool beer? Politics iz mostly 'bout whud's between people's heads. I'm more interested in other parts ah zhe anatomy.
Ellesha: When we think too much about politics something precious is lost.
Perhaps we need ta bekum more natural & non- political.
Jules: Ah non! We're naturally political animals . . .
Soo: And ah . . . naturally dose in powaa, ah ha, don't want us to know dat.
Elijah: Don't worry about what they want. The question is: what do you really want? To answer that, notice where your awareness goes.

Manta - a graphic manipulation and poem by T Newfields
Ning: . . . The human capacity to argue about trivial things never ceases to amaze me.
Vidhya: Perhaps we argue about such things because we have so little power over significant ones.

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