Too often I feel like a small sargasso: shallow, stagnant, & aimless.
Elijah: Doesn't society turn many people into teeny ponds instead of oceans?
Aren't we born for more?
Ellesha: I like to think we are responsible for our own destinies.
Andrei: Yeah, but aren't you're overlooking zhe importance ah individual choice?
Soo: Besides, ritteru ponds are easier to manipurate. If you want to kontroru someone, makku 'em feel smarru.

On the macroscopic level, that's just a source of variance – and often not the most significant. The system parameters mostly depend on factors beyond individual control.

Sargasso / Sargasso Mer / El Mar del Sargazo / Sargasso See - an art work by T Newfields
floating in a sargasso of consciousness
adrift from any shore
slowly i churn amidst debris
caught in a flotsam between gulf streams
stagnant & coiled
among algal strings
a synthetic, rotting relic
of uprooted history

this wavering flotsam hides
more than meets the eyes –

within its clumps
sea horses dart
as tiny crabs defend territories
& fish blend with thick reeds
& hydras offer poison barbs
to passers by –
move carefully

deep beneath this pageantry
is a dramatic change of scene:

beyond shards of sunlight
in waters cool & clean
iridescent creatures of the night
wait for morsels to snap
& eat

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Copyright (c) 2001, 2012 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.