Blue Orb - Unbalanced State
Andrei: A book of poetry, art, and environmental interviews – hmm.
Jules: Yeah, what good are a bunch of words 'n pictures?
Ellesha: Who knows? It's hard to measure the value of anything.
Jules: I know several so-called 'environmental authors' now living like Les 500.
Words are an over-rated, n'est-ce pas ?
Andrei: And this Newfields comrade – what did he actually do? Did he walk his talk?
Elijah: We know little about him. He was born, died & few details survive.
Philyra: If you look closely enough, details are generally there: most people are too lazy to examine things closely.
Jules: I don't care about the author – his works can speak for themselves.
Soo: The things we create seldom reveal who we are. Sometimes, however, they reveal who we are trying to become. In some ways that's more important. Our aspirations today give us ideas about who we might be tomorrow.

Blue Orb - Balanced State
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