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Andrei: Zhis is nut a poem - it'z mere ranting!
Jules: Yeah, hear you. When people preach, too often become tied ta their agendas like bulls ta ropes.
Soo: So whatto? Isn't de basic message relevant?
Jules: Tom Robbins said it well: "When we accept bad art because it's good politics, we're killing the swan to feed the chickens." Basically, lousy art has no excuse.
Elijah: Besides, this is like water on a duck's back. Only rarely do words have enough potency to translate into action.
Philyra: Perhaps more people actually need to 'walk their talk' & live responsibly rather than spout off things we already know.
Ellesha: Just as junkies require crises to change, I fear nothing short of calamity will impel us to break our habits.
ELijah: Let's hope that isn't the case.