When you enter zis klassraum
Leave yehr mutter tongue behind -
As an agent of sie Linguistic Gestapo
The only language accepted here is MINE!

If one word ov yaur native language iz heard
Zer will be strikt penalty.
If several phrases of yaur native language are uttered
You shall be asked ta leave.

Only by ruthlessly exterminating sie L1
Kann wie föster sie L2 –
Alt expressions und ideas mußt be sterilized
Beföre official thoughts are Intröduced.

Seig heil zu unsurer Linguistic Empire
Und sie Language uhh Official Text Buche.

Eradicate inferior languages!
Und non-comförmist outlooks!

March towards linguistic hegemony –
erase all aberrant nooks!

Foolish, Old Fart: A Self-Portrait of T Newfields taken on 20 January 2011 in Tokyo
Tim: You know, some teachers argh virtual autocrats. They aren't so different from government dictators, except that their fiefdoms are their classrooms.
Liao : I see the opposite: most teachers who don't have enough power to influence anything. A certain kind of strength known as "気" is often lacking. The word itself is untranslatable. The closest thing that comes to mind is what George Lucas called "the Force," but that word probably carries too much cultural baggage.
Satoru: Yeah, sometimes teachers need to be directive, but they should use restraint. Once productive learning is happening, shouldn't teachers step back and be invisible? Sometimes our egos get in the way of effective teaching.
Melissa: (sighing) How do we really know when learning is happening? Many students "pretend" to be learning while their minds are elsewhere.
Liao: We need intuition. Without that, not much effective teaching is possible.