Fantasy / Reality

Two contrasting self-portraits

In fantasy I’m
a charming prince with
elan & vigor
keen to explore new fields
& visit distant lands

Immensely inquisitive,
uncannily intuitive,
and always confident
my existence feels
like a sunny sojourn
Fantasy/Reality - Part 1 by T Newfields
In reality I’m
a haggard ol’ buzzard
uften tired, lonely & bored bi
dah hollowness ah me fantasies
err fickleness ah me moodz

I’m learning nut ta take meself
2 seriously & ignore dah kravings
ah me monkey mind

In kulm moments at yeast,
it iz komic to realize
foillible kuntsciousness iz.

How strange ta B civilized outwardly,
yet 95% chimpanzee.
Fantasy/Reality - Part 1 by T Newfields