An everyday mystery

« Je ne parle que des passions de feu, car pour les autres,
elles se mêlent souvent ensemble, et causent une confusion très-incommode » – Pascal

in everythin   g which can be seen
hid   den forces of love
are   gui    ding.

the powers of greed & hate
are awe    sum
yet love    's    an    in    visible    gravity
in    spiring    one    ness
&    les     sen   ing fr    ail    ty

you may con    sider
it fool    ish    or    naive
but the best that you are
comes   frum    a   capa
city   to   luve   &   believe

Aiko: If this guy has anything serious to say, why doesn't he say it clearly?
Don: Nobody takes the obvious seriously . . . to catch attention, a trace of obscurity helps.
Bai-Luo: At some deep level, I think the author doesn't have confidence.
Don: What human does? Maybe he is confident – but playful.
Bai-Luo: (with raised eyebrows) Playful?
Aiko: Yeah. Most of know deep down that our lives are essentially myths.
Cindy: (exasperated) Do we need a friggin' sermon?