Anya: Why anthropocize God? Isn't the whole notion of gender too limiting for divinity?
Devani: Maybe so, but if people think about God in even limited terms it's better than not thinking at all.
Anya: Why's that?
Devani: Most people are so busy thinking of themselves and their small affairs . . . God is a way of transcending all notions of 'self'.
Anya: The logic doesn't hold. Belief in God is not needed for selfless transcendence. Conversely, it's possible to profess religious faith yet still be selfish and cruel.

Female Divinity

Female Divinity - a graphic poem by T Newfields
If God were a Woman 
would She be a jealous task master 
demanding absolute obedience to Her 
and condemning whom She pleased? 
If God were a Woman 
would She claim one tribe or race was superior 
and glorify wars as holy deeds? 
If God were a Woman 
would She allow a few to enrich themselves 
at the expense of other beings? 
If God were a Woman 
would we accept each other more 
and view Earth Itself 
as Manifest Divinity?
Copyright (c) 1994, 2007 by T Newfields. All rights reserved.