Female Divinity

Some Thoughts on Patriarchy and Religion

Female Divinity - a graphic poem by T Newfields
If God were a Woman
would She be a jealous task master
demanding absolute obedience to Her
and condemning whom She pleased?

If God were a Woman
would She claim one tribe or race was superior
and glorify wars as holy deeds?

If God were a Woman
would She allow a few to enrich themselves
at the expense of other beings?

If God were a Woman
would we accept each other more
and view Earth Itself
as one facet of Manifest Divinity?
Anya: Why anthropocize God? Isn't the whole notion of gender too limiting for divinity?
Devani: Maybe so, but if people think about God in even limited terms it's better than not thinking at all.
Anya: (suppressing irritation) Why's that?
Devani: Most people are so busy thinking of themselves and their small affairs . . . God is a way of transcending all notions of 'self.'
Anya: (shaking her head) The logic doesn't hold. Belief in God is not needed for selfless transcendence. Conversely, it's possible to profess religious faith yet still be selfish and cruel. Lady Wu of Tang dynasty China is a good example. She modeled herself as sort a female divinity, yet few persons have been more ruthless or cruel.