Ronnie Reagan - an graphic manipulation by Timmy Newfields

Strange Love Affair

America adored Reagan cuz he brought Hollywood to the White House. They loved the Old Gipper cuz he knew the answers before any questions arose & his anecdotes seemed larger than life. Most of all, they adored the Great Geezer cuz he carried Death Valley Excitement ta lots ah living rooms – offering Big-Sky Dramas ta people with wallet-size minds. Only Mickey Mouse could have done better! The only problem is when style matters more than substance & too many contradictions are smoothed by smiles, the world becomes a B-rate movie.

Aren't most folks tired of cowboy rhetoric? Hey folks, dun't we deserve better lines?

Ted: I wouldn't say all Americans adored Reagan.
Tim: In many ways he was a fossil, yet skilled at acting as if he actually cared about common folks. Though he was often fuzzy about details, he convinced many of his vision.
Kris: Vision? I would say he didn't do any convincing: money did the work.
Terri: He should have remained an actor.
Tim: All successful politicians are actors.