A Strange Love Affair:

Reflections on America's 40th President

Ronnie Reagan - an graphic manipulation by Timmy Newfields
America adored Reagan cuz
he brought Hollywood to the White House.

They loved the Old Gipper cuz
he knew the answers before any questions arose
& his anecdotes seemed larger than life.

Most of all, they adored the Great Geezer
cuz he carried Death Valley Excitement
ta tiny living rooms – offering Big-Sky Dramas
ta people with wallet-size minds.

Only Mickey Mouse could have done better!
The only problem izzz
when style matters more than substance
& too many contradictions are smoothed
by smiles, the world becomes a B-rate movie.

Aren't most folks tired of cowboy rhetoric?
Aren't there better lines?
Sam: I can't understand why so many Americans admired Ronald Reagan.
Terri: Then you do not understand basic human psychology. People like stories. Those stories needn't be "true" in any objective sense of the word, but they must be entertaining and inspirational.
Kris: Agreed! A good fiction is superior to a depressing fact.
Sam: So Reagan was a master at fantasy and manipulation?
Terri: Precisely! His mind was often foggy and he seldom understood what was happening in the world in detail, but he could spin enchanting stories about an idealized America.
Tim: Strange as it may sound, I think Obama learned many things from Reagan.
Terri: Yeah. Great leaders learn from the predecessors. Foolish leaders, however, believe they are "unique" and can ignore history.