Life Choices

Age 1:
to crawl or walk . . .

Age 2:
to poop as you please
or relent and use a latrine . . . .

Age 7:
to go to school & study what “they” think you should know
or stay home & examine what you believe will help you grow . . .

Age 18:
to study more to obtain a “better” job
or work while observing life as it throbs . . .

Age 20:
to believe whatever preachers/gurus/rabbis/inmans claim
or suspect affirmations about “universal truth” are all equally lame . . .

Age 30:
to live alone as an “independent” being
or share your life with another & compromise constantly . . .

Age 40:
to remain with one partner, tolerating his/her idiosyncrasies
or try singing a different melody . . .

Age 50:
to attempt to guide others so they won’t repeat the mistakes you’ve made
or recognize that nobody wants (or needs) any guidance:
mistakes are part of life’s game . . .

Age 60:
to pretend that things “really matter” & your life counts somehow
or smile at the sheer emptiness of existence
& insignificance of all that is avowed . . .

Age 68:
to get out of bed
or recline comfortably . . .

Age 72:
to become ashes dispersed in the sea
or fertilize the land that nourished thee . . .

Linda: I dislike the nihilistic tone of this poem.
Ron: (ignoring Linda) I think each person has to pretend as if their life somehow matters, even though in the long run it may not – at least in any way we can comprehend.
Lis: (ignoring Ron) We should be passionate about our dreams. Those without passion are among the living dead and are capable of nothing worthwhile.
Lex: (a bit sarcastically) Well, well – aren’t we listening to each other?
Copyright (c) 2012, 2014 by T Newfields {{CC-BY-3.0}}
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