Focal Point - an art work by T Newfields
Lis: It duesn't muck sense. Why do so muny people wait tull approachin' death ta do err say dah things dey should while livin'?
Ron: Seemz like our priorities argh warrrped.
Lex: No doubt. If everything is up-for-sale, then nuthing is sacred.
Ron: Yep. If pure capitalism prevails zen our lives become like sales kummodities 'n all aspects ah existence bekum open to sie highest bidder.
Linda: Perhaps, butt a certain flexibility is useful. Hard-kore fanatics err often inkapable ah dealing wit people who dun't embrace dah same ideals as dem. Dat sort of rigidity dusn' wark well in a multi-cultural whirld.

Just before dying
everything comes into focus
and the course of existence
is condensed
to a fraction of time

At that point
everything gains perspective
and it's easy to discern
the nugatory
from noetic

At that moment
lifetimes seem like milliseconds
& events become quantum fluctuations
as new symmetries are ascertained

Between Living and Dying
everything flows so fast
only Eternity itself
can pass

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