Cultivating Contentment

Noel: Is happiness a set of clear instructions?
Gwen: For computer programmers, perhaps . . .
Cultivating Contentment - an art work by T Newfields
Keep your core operating system simple.
Maintain constant curiosity.

Accept emotions as they are each moment:
don't take any emotion too seriously.

Remember you're dead already &
by some miracle happen to be breathing now.

Relish the unexpected:
it's happening constantly.

Take the time to notice sunsets.
Closely observe sky and clouds.

If no friends are nearby,
speak to trees, animals, or plants –
consciousness extends from galaxies to ants.

If hardships fill your heart
focus on making others happy –
observe how they define joy.

Imagine you're loved more deeply than you can imagine:
strange as it seems, you actually are.

Be certain part of you is already awakened –
& don't fret about the rest.