Melissa: (briefly glancing at an artwork) This person needs to learn how to protest more eloquently. Isn't this image merely muffled rubbish?
Satoru: (nodding while drinking a dry martini) Agreed. A lot of energy is wasted through rants offering no concrete solutions.
Liao: I'm not so sure. As Sternberg points out, most creative ideas are labeled "rubbish" at first. And solutions often emerge in the process of struggle.
Educational Labyrinths / Labyrinth Educatif / Labyrinth Educativo / Erzieherisch Labyrinth / Kyouiku no Meiro - an art work by T Newfields
Melissa (shaking her head after looking at the image above) Huh? Only a small fragment of information here seems to get through.
Tim: Well, that's that happens in most conversations . . .