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My interest in learner-centered pedagogy arose from learning Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish and noticing the vast range of skill among teachers. This has prompted me to take a look at my own classes and how various behaviors influence students. An ongoing research theme is how teacher pedagogical beliefs, student classroom behaviors, and student-teacher communication patterns influence each other. I have written several articles about classroom note taking skills, summarizing skills, and learning strategies.

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I believe it is essential to develop information literacy skills. I believe that concept involves more than technical information about how to use computers, information databases, and online resources. It also involves critical thinking skills and an ability to discern sub-texts. Since 1995 I've been teaching information literacy skills to undergraduate students and peers. In particular, I'm interested in creating online resources for ESL teachers and students. I edit four JALT-related homepages and am active in several CALL-related interest groups.

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Ever since teaching English in 1983 I've been intrigued with issues involving assessment. I am familiar with most of the large EFL proficiency exams used in Japan and have written items for the STEP-EIKEN Level 1 exam and served as an examiner for the Level 1 and Pre-Level 1 exams. I also edited the JALT Testing & Evaluation SIG Journal for ten years, gradually learning more about the field of language assessment. I am still exploring ways to make assessment in my university classes more accurate, humane, and educationally valid.

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I've written twelve books of poetry so far and am especially interested in writers such as Wislawa Szymborska, Ginne Serre-Pagan, James Bertolino, Jaan Kaplinski, and Bruce Boston. My favorite Japanese poets include Sasaki Nobutsuna, Takahashi Shinkichi, and Saitoh Fumi.

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5. JSL/JFL “ú–{Œê‹³ˆç

Since 1982 I've been studying Japanese as a foreign language.Actually, I don't consider it a "foreign" language, but rather a way of dealing with many of the aspects of my life. My M.A. thesis was about Japanese language study. Now I use Japanese on a daily basis and edit the JALT JSL SIG website. At this time I'm especially interested in the use of metaphor in Japanese and the differences between written and spoken Japanese.

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I have a deep interest in the history, culture, and language of Japan. I am particularly interested in the history of the Suruga Bay region and in the remarkable developments which took place during the Meiji Era (1868 - 1912). From 1996 - 1998 I edited a monthly newsletter which highlights the developments in and around Shizuoka City.

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