Appendix 1

Study Abroad Programs at Some Schools in Japan

In September 2001, three questions concerning institutional study abroad programs were asked to a convenience sample of 33 teachers working at various post-secondary schools in Japan via e-mail. The questions were:
  1. Does your school have a formal overseas study program?
  2. If so, do students participating in that program go through any special pre-departure training or orientation? (If so, briefly describe it.)
  3. If your school has an overseas study program, do faculty chaperons or advisors accompany the participants overseas?

28 of the respondents completed the survey. The results are summarized below.

School Q1 Q2 Q3
Aichi Univ. of Education Yes Yes Yes
Aichi Univ. of Technology No No No
Assumption Jr. College Yes Yes Y/N
Chuo University Yes Yes Yes
Gifu Shotoku Gakuen Univ. Yes Yes NR
Hokuriku University Yes Yes Y/N
Hokuriku Gakuin Jr. College Yes Y/N Y/N
Hyogo College No No No
Int. Christian University Yes Yes Yes
Kansai Univ. of For. Studies Yes Yes No
Komazawa University Yes Yes Yes
Komazawa University Yes Yes Yes
Kwansai University Yes Yes Yes
Kyoto Sanyou University No No No
Meiji University Yes Yes Yes
Miyazaki Inter. College Yes Yes Yes
Nagoya University of Arts Yes Yes No
Nagoya University Yes Y/N Y/N
Nanzan University Y/N Y/N No
Nara University Yes Y/N Y/N
Osaka University of Foreign Studies Yes Yes Y/N
Shizuoka University Y/N Y/N No
Showa Women's Univ. Yes No No
Sophia University Yes Y/N Yes
Sophia University Yes Y/N Yes
Tokai University Yes Yes Yes
Tokyo Univ. of Economics Yes No No
Tottori University Yes Yes No
Tsuda College Yes Yes No
Waseda University Yes Yes Y/N

NOTE: Y/N responses indicate that the conditions vary from school department to department, or from program to program. Many schools have more than one overseas study program and conditions may differ significantly between programs.
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