NaZa NaZa: A Classroom Adaptation
of a Cross-Cultural Training Session

by Tim Newfields

In what ways can students preparing for overseas study learn basic cross-cultural communication skills to enable them to interact successfully in unfamiliar environments? This paper explores how one well known cross-cultural training simulation was adapted for Japanese junior college students. Problems of cross cultural simulations in general and hints about adapting them to EFL contexts are discussed.

Keywords: cross-cultural simulations, multicultural training, intercultural awareness activities, discovery learning, experiential learning.



キーワード:異文化間コミュニケーションのシミュレーション、 異文化間の交渉技術、
                       異文化への認éッ、 学習における「発見」、 経験に基づく認éッ

Abstract Nihongo no Gainen Introduction Rationale BáFá BáFá NaZa NaZa
Other Simulations Conclusion Survey Results Na Rules & Na Materials Za Rules & Za Materials Feedback Form

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