The NaZa NaZa Cross-Cultural Simulation:
Appendix 2 - Handout for Na Members


(Do Not Tell Anyone Else There Rules)

Each person in Na Culture receives an alpha, beta, and gamma card and ten coins at the start of the game.

RULE 1. In your culture, people with long hair have higher status than people with short hair. Long noses are also considered a sign of high status, beauty, and wisdom.

RULE 2. When two people meet, the person with shorter hair should bow to the person with longer hair. If two people have the same hair length, they should both bow to each other. Handshakes are not polite. If someone shakes your hand, avoid them - unless they have long hair. People with long hair can break some rules and still be respected deeply.

RULE 3. After bowing, it is important to talk for a while about each others' families. The person with longer hair should ask most of the questions. In NA culture, these questions are considered polite -

* How many people are in your family? * How big are their noses?
* Does your mother have long hair? * What sort of baby do you want?

Persons with short hair should mostly answer questions and also politely ask, "... and you?" It is not polite for short-haired people to ask many questions. Long haired people should control the conversation.

RULE 4. After the personal questions are over, then business begins. (It is impolite to begin business without asking at least 2-3 personal questions like those mentioned in Rule 3.) To do business, people first walk to a Transaction Paper and sit down. Usually the person with longer hair starts each business transaction.

Both people put a coin down on a Transaction Paper. Person A then puts a card face down. Person B puts a card on top of it. If the cards match, Person B get both coins. If the cards do not match, then Person A (who put the first card down) gets both coins. In general, only Alpha and Beta cards should be used.

NOTE: The Gamma card is special. The only time the Gamma card is put down is to insult another person. The person who puts down a Gamma card will win a transaction, but the friendship is over and you won't do business with that person again - even if they have long hair.

RULE 5. If the person did business following the rules correctly, after each transaction, stand up and point your thumbs up and talk for a few minutes about their future plans. After a few minutes of talking, meet a new person to repeat the experience over again. (If the person did not follow the rules on this paper properly, stand up and point your thumb down. Do not talk to them about their future - just find another partner.)

RULE 6. Leave each Transaction Paper where it is . . . it is impolite to move a Transaction Paper or to do business where there is no Transaction Paper. Business should be done only sitting down near a Transaction Paper. It is impolite to do business standing. You will never do business standing - that is too hasty, unfriendly, and uncivilized.

RULE 7. Each member should try to get around to making at least one transaction with every other person. If there is any problem, consult the Na Leader. . . The Na Leader is the most respected person with the longest hair. Their wisdom is deep.


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