Students That Fail - a graphic manipulation by T Newfields

Students That Fail

“I am a loser.”
“Study is not for me.”
“My brain doesn’t work well.”
“At school I feel peewee.”

With statements like these
many students
convince themselves
of their own deficiencies.

Why aren’t we teaching
basic study skills
and how to approach
subjects with a sense of curiosity
and thrill?

Should teachers
simply present factoids
to digest?

Or should we examine
attitudes and behaviors
to see how each learner
can do to their best?

Satoru: . . .study skills might be taught to young learners, but by the time students reach university, their behaviors are mostly fossilized.
Liao: How do you know that?
Satoru: (stammering) Well, it is simply my experience.
Liao: It's all too tempting to focus on what students supposedly can't do. Perhaps we need to take a closer look at what they actually can do. The window of opportunity might be wider than first imagine.