Satoru: What do we have here – some vegetarian credo?
Ying: Sounds like it. The author probably had ambivalent feelings about meat.
Frida: Hey – all of us are meat. In the belly of time we're all being devoured, so why not enjoy the food that comes?
Dmiritri: Because what death with dignity is in a slaughterhouse?
Only a Hamburger?
You're jes' holding a hamburger, right?
Well, that is only the surface ah the story.

You're also supporting an economic infrastructure,
& voting fer Ronald McDonald's Way of Life.

You're directly approving animal slaughter
& accepting everything consumerism implies.

You are also saying "yes" ta genetic engineering, artificial ingredients
& ridiculous employee wages for stressed-out employees.

That hamburger iz a manifestation ah global inequities:
it illustrates how millions lack enuf ta eat,
so that a rich few enjoy cocktailz-caviar-n-beef.

Look closely between the buns:
the issues our planet faces
are in each burger on yer plate.