T Newfields:

Online Art: S - Z Topic Index


sacred chrysalis
sacred sand painting
salamander & noir smiles
sand & global handkerchief
sand patterns over an orb
sand, seeds, &earth
sandstone footprints & sun
sandstone hills & sky
school official in cap
scissors & skeleton
seashore stroll
seed, soil, & sky
seed, heart, & golden haze
seeds, circles, & radiance
self-conscious young woman
self-portraits: [I], [II], [III], [IV], [V],
[VI], [VII], [VIII] [IX]
semantic clipping
semi-abstract blue nude
semi-abstract nude
seminal fluid & stars
Sen No Rikyu: [I], [II], [III]
sentential lines & textual-combustion
shattered emerald radiance
shattered flowers
shattered circles
shattered hearts & letters
shattered hope
shattered logic
shattered & superimposed orbs
shattered space-time continuum
shattered text &gold
shells, waters, & words
Shiva's matted locks
shorn fabric & stars
sienna nude & light
signal routing
silicon chip interface
sinking city
situated learning
skeletons, curtains, & stars
skeleton & young women skin stretched through space
skull aflame
skull, ripped fabric, & seed-bubble
skull, ripples, & mathematics
skull, space, & cisterns
skull & fresh plants
skull &iron grid
skulls, breast, & samsaric patterns
skulls, cracked stone, & stars
skull & breasts
skull & concentric rings: [I], [II]
skull & darkness
skull & flower
skull & fusion chamber
sky & puzzle
sky & water vapor
skyscrapers partly underwater
sleeping student in class
sliced heart
sliced text & central radiance
smiling simian
smoking skeleton
smouldering neon man
snaking of land & water
snowflake illumination
snowflake symmetry
snowflake-triad in text
social isolation & protective distancing
sonic mapping
soy bean life cycles
spatial folding
space & energy vortex
space enfoldment & illumination
space portal
spaceship & star
spatio-temporal whorls
species extinction
spectral emotions
sphere interactions
spheric floral wreath
spheric worlds: [I], [II]
spider & death
spiders & moon
spiders & symmetry
spiders, moth, & sky
spiraling books
spiraling geometries
spiraling symmetry
squares, circles, & text
starfish, light, and geometry
star hex sign
sunlight, hand, & words
sword guard &sun
Star of David & flames
starfish & digital circuitry
starry sky & verdant canyon
starfish & seashells
stars, sky, & text
stars & stones
stasis vs. directionality
stellar red giant tearing gravity,
stone buddhas coming to life
stone faces & green energy
stone faces & space curvature
stone spheres
straight centralities
state censorship
stress-out tranny
stressed-out woman & fire
subducted text
summer mandala
sun & sunflakes: [I], [II], [III]
sunlight, plankton, & footprints
sunset, ocean, & nacre
sun, sky, vines
sun, sky, & seedling
sun, tree, & elephant
sun, water, & face
sunset, sand, clock, shell
symbolic face & heart
symmetry & radiance
systematic chaos, Earth, & German


technocracy, militarism, & decay
televised firework explosions,
temporal aliasing &stroboscopic effects
terminal boundaries & stars
tesla coils & multi-polar radiance
text disintegration
text, stars, & pyramids
textual symmetry
text & metallic liquid
text & temporal vortices
text & thorny abrasions
text, chaos, & luminescence
text illumination & darkness
text transcendence: [I], [II], [III]
textual bubble
textual crystalization: [I], [II], [III]
textual encryption: [I], [II], [III], [IV]
textual genesis
textual metabolism & replication
textual obsurity & radiance: [I], [II], [III]
textual stilllife & wall
textualized reflective orb
textualized bars & skepticism
textualized core luminosity
textualized cyber-vulva
textual diffusion
textualized drift nets
textualzed explosions: [I], [II]
textualized geometries: [I], [II], [III]
textual identities: [I], [II]
textualized melon slice
textualized lines-in-motion
textualized mountain, sky, & sun
textualized myopia
textualized nude & stars
textualized orbs: [I], [II], [III]
textual multilayering
texturized words
threads stretched & ripped
tiled luminosity
tiled space & rotundity
tiles in heaven
timber before ignition
time portal, ocean, & stars
time travel & multiple realities
time traveller & ruined castle
T Newfields at various ages: [I], [II]
Tokyo skyline & green mandala
Tokyo skyline & mandalas
torn fabric, exposed students
torn paper & darkness
torus lens distortions
transcendent radiance & mutated text
transient text & emptiness
tree trunk, seedling, & face
tricyclic existence
transfinite glass
transformative social interaction
translucent oyster
transpersonal consciousness
tree & refraction
tree trunk & moss
triangulated concentricity
triangulated geomancy
triangulated nude
triangulated spheres
triangulated weaving
tulips & circles
tulips in a kaledioscope
tulips in spring: [I], [II], [III]
tulips, sun, & verdure
twin rose trajectories


umbrellas &a,p; gray
umbrellas in rain
Uncle Sam: [I], [II]
unconscious hope
unified rhetoric
universal wheel of dharma
urban silhouette


vajra shattered
vampire attraction
vectorized humans
vectorized starscape
Venus de Milo reinterpreted
violent dreams
Victorian Novel
Vishnu, Earth, & energy fields
vortices of desire


war & peace
warped blue nude
warped Earth & space
warped geometries:[I], [II]
warped text: [I], [II], [III], [IV], [V], [VI]
water & light
water droplets & space
waterfalls & radiance
wavering daffodils
weird face
weird, puffed-up face
whirling vortex & singularity
wisdom, words, & form
wolf in winter & snow
woman in cracked stone
woman, water, moon, & light
woman, water, & stars
woman & stretched fabric
woman writing
wonder & immensity
woodcut image of sun & water
wooden plank & portrait
wood grains & human age
word-image distinctions
words on fire: [I}, [II}
worker trainees
woven crescent moons


young women in class
zen centering
zen priest, decay, & growth
zen priest & gladioli
zen priest, stone, & ink
zen symbolism


2 men & a temporal abyss
4-pronged vajra: [I], [II]
4-sided mandala
1000-eye mandala