Tim Newfields

Online Art: J - R Topic Index


Japanese text, ocean, & air flow
Japonesque moon
jumping for joy
justice & wealth


kaledoscopic eyes
kaleidoscopic geometries
kaleidoscopic geometries
kaledoscopic matrices
kaledoscopic rotundities
kaleidoscopic symmetry: [I], [II], [III]
kalmia latifolia blossoms
key, hearts, woman
keyholes, waves, woman & light
kimono undressing
kimonoed woman & wood
kissing couple & flowers
knight on horse


lapis lazuli jewel
layered text & moss
leaf patterns
leaves & light
leaves of grass
lecturing about terrorism
lesbian affirmation
letters, leaves, & rotundity
letterist orb
libraries & textual decay
life choices
lifeless planet
lifestyle piechart
light & female torso
light, nude, sky, birds
lightening bolts from the heart
lightening, water, & streams
light, nakedness, & rotundity
light, window, & nude
linear motion vs. rotundity
liquefied text
linquistic boundaries
linquistic lattices
lizard eyes & night flowers
lizard-skin hills, sand, & stars
lotus: [I], [II], [III], [IV], [IV]
low-gravity urban architecture
lunar orbital trajectories
lumber processing
luminous egg & space
luminousity, fog, & glass
luminous orb & odd metallica
luminous snowflake

macrocrystalline structures
maiden with plum blossoms &pines
mammonic idolatry
mandala for appreciation
mandala for conservation
manadala for discrete awareness
mandala for dispassion
mandala for expansive balance
mandala for focus
mandala for hearing
mandala for illumination
mandala for lambency
mandala for post-radioactive healing
mandala for power
mandala for reflective vision
mandala for renunciation
mandala for sacred dissolution
mandala for vision
mandala of fearlessness
mandala for integration
mandala of serenity
mandalaic eye & electro-magnetic lines
mandalic mutations
mandalas in motion
mandibular extensions & radiance
manta birostris, saline space, & clouds
marbles & mold
marbles merging
Maria & Jesus
marigolds, pebbles, nimbii
marine coral
marine corps soldier
marine geometry
marine illumination
matrix monitor
mechanized arms and rotundities
mechanized geometries
merging orbs
meso-molecular replication
microcelluar structures
micro-circuuits, nanomolecules, da Vinci, & poetry
microcosms of discourse
microscopic interactions
microtransistors & moons
military cadet
Model T Ford & self-portrait
Model T Ford & watch gears
Möbius strip & meteor
mollusk muscles
money: [I], [II], [III], [IV]
monkey business: [I], [II]
monstrosity, anger, & humanity
moon & brushes
moon phases
moon, mask, & nude
moon, mountain, sky, & sea
moon, stars, & mountains
mosquito & inverse heart
mosquitos & macromolecular proteins
mother, child, & magical dawn:[I], [II]
moth-eaten textual fabric
mottled ink diffusion
mountain laurel symmetry
mountain & avian objects
mountain & rainclouds
Mt. Fuji
multi-dimensionality:[I], [II], [III]
mums & orbs
muscle strands
mushrooms & women
musical portaits & illumination
music & floral symmetry
music & mathematics
music, passion, & love
mutated & fragmented wholeness: [I], [II]
mutatated polyphony

nacreous ambiguity
nacre, water, stars
nanocore stress patterns
narcissus: [I], [II]
nasturtium flower
neo-cubist vase
neo-primitive fabric patterns
network systems
neurolinguistic wiring
nexus of trees & light
nimbii & young women
nimbus & veiled woman
nimbus, water, & daffodils
nude, egg yolk, & polarities
nude & flowers
nude & texts
nude geisha
nude, hands, & heart: [I], [II]
nude in water
nude, lettuce, and lightening
nude resting
nude sliced
nude, stars,& seeds
nude & stained glass
nude, sun, & clouds
nude, sun, sky, & water
nude with candle flame
nude with digital noise
nude with skull
nude & morning glories
nude & stairs
nude & stained glass
nude rayonist image
nude woman in X-crystal


ocean, shattered sky, & sun
ocean, sky, & soldier
ocean, sky, &form
ocean, sky, & island
ocean, sun, & geometries
ocean, sun, & illusions
ocular physiology
oil wells & nationalism
one-pointedness &distraction
orange energetic spheres
orgasmic joy
ossified rhetoric

particle fields & text
passivity & violence
pensive nude reclining
pen writing on water
peony, nude, &book
peyote, fire, & imagination
pierced mandala
pine needles & laser beams
pistol, bullets, & globe
planatery conflict
planktonic mandalas
planktonic sphere
plant cell dynamics
plant cells
plants, ocean, & rotundity
plant vibrance: [I], [II], [III], [IV]
plasma streams & curled paper
polarized glass, flowers, & driftwood
political dynamics
polluted river
polluted water & petrochemical fumes:[I], [II]
polyhedric eroticism
portrait of a young man
prayer & metamorphosis[I], [II]Nanka Hen?!
Prime Minister Abe
prismatic reflections
psychic skandas & heartspace
purple illumination
purple illumination
purple orchid
puzzle with skulls


quantum field dynamics
Queen Anne's Lace floating
quill, text, & illumination


radiance & grace
radiance & woman
radiant chalcedony
radiant centrum
radiant dandelion
radiant heart & sheath
radiant heart & sine waves
radiant hearts
radiant sphere
radiant snowflake
radiant sun & morning glories
radiant text & mountains
radiant vortex: [I], [II]
raindrops on a textual pond
random Koch curves
ravaged fabric, pot marks, & luminosity
ravens & green energy
ravens, prisons, & personality
rayonist text
rayonist transmission
rectangles, celestial bodies, & text
reflective hearts & water
refractive spatial curvature
religious hypocrisy
resonating nude
Richard Nixon
ring & fractured landscape
ripped canvas & dollar sign
ripped canvas & symmetrical sphere
ripped canvas & woman
ripped text & flimsy grommets
rising sea levels & text
robotic awareness
rocks, bubbles, & poetry
romance, mystery, & rings
rose sutra
rotund floral bouquets
rotund nacre
rupture & idyllic contemplation