Tim Newfields

Online Art: A - D Topic Index


abstract darkness
abstract lettrist junk
abstract radiance: [I], [II]
abstract warmth
abstract undulation
aging & youth
alien landscape
alien landscape
alien sunrise
all-seeing eye, the
aloneness & esctacy
alternative realities
American capital in flames
American flag: [I], [II], [III], [IV], [V], [VI], [VII], [VIII], [IX], [X], [XI], [XII]
amphibian eggs & sunlight
ancient text
angelic manifestations & darkness
angry housewife
arachnid geometry
architecture & expansion
architectures of eternity
armed conflict & peaceful waters
art appreciation
aspiration & radiance
atomic explosion: [I], [II], [III], [IV], [V]
atomic explosion & flower
Attractor Priciple, The
auric cleansing
auric transmigration
attraction & repulsion
authority & interrogation
autumal leaves

bacterial strands
balls & luminosity
bamboo: [I], [II], [III]
bamboo & flowers
bamboo screens & woman
bamboo window & verdant spring
barbed textualized landscape
barren branches & sky
bas-relief ferns
beans, balls, & numbers
bifurcated field resonance
blue concavities sliced
blending tapestries
blind anger
blindfolded person: [I], [II], [III]
blood, oil, money, & smoke
blue expansion
blue face
blue flute hole
blue luminosity: [I], [II], [III], [IV], [V], [VII], [VIII]
Bob Dylan's capillaries
bonsai mums
bonsai tree, sky, & earth
bovine fragments
boxes & emptiness
boxes of wonder
broadcasting spheres
broken love
bubble-like word fragments
buddhas & stone
Buddhist text and cyclic geometries
Buddhist verse, pagoda, and leaves
burning nude, brick wall, & text
burning planet
burning text, crystalization, & molecular disintegration

cacti, hearts, & stigmas
cacti & luminosity
cactus needles &hearts
camellias, bamboo, fire, & space
catroonesque male face
cell opening
cell pore
celtic symbols & radiant sun
centrality & expansion
ceramic jars
ceramic jars in a kiln
cerulean radiance
cherry blossom triptych
chalice of light
Chinese characters & face
Chinese characters for 'love' & 'life'
Chinese characters for 'state', 'river', & 'plum'
chloroplast lattice & radiant centrality
Christ Consciousness
Christian cross with air vents
Christian priest
chromatic/linear contrasts
chrome grating, radiant disc, & water,
chrysanthemum flowers: [I], [II]
church altar & stained glass
church interior
circle within circles: [I], [II]
circular refractions
circuit boards of consciousness
circuit board & translucent orbs
classroom pedagogy
cleansing illumination
clouds & spheres
Cocal Cola & Ganga: [I], [II]
cochineal stock investor
coffin with blood
combustion & disintegration
compressed beans
computer-enhanced memory system
concentric circles & seeds
concentric connectivity
concentric nihilism
concentricities of lust
concentric rings & nude
conformity & interrogation
consciousness & text
convexity & penetration
convulated abstraction & sky
convulated decay
Copernicus: [I], [II]
core illumination & dark peripheries
core illumination & heart-puzzles
core radiance
core radiance & death
core radiance & green energy
core radiance & unicellular symmetry
core radiance & vapor
core transmissions
core vs. periphery
corroded radioactive machinery
corroding cars underwater
cosmic debris: [I], [II]
courtroom interrogation
cracked, corrupted beauty
craquelure landscape with bird
crazy passion
creative heaven & hell
crescent arcs & core illumination
crimes of passion
crucifix with bullet hole
crusader & bubbles
crystal collage
crystal core - skulls - flame
crystalized desire
crystalized relics
crystal order vs. chaos
crystals & dried flowers
cubist conversation
cubist light
cubist mandalas merging
cubist melon
cunnilingal climax
curved space
cutaneous layers & cyber-follicles
cyber-keys & conflict
cybernetic brain linkage
cybernetic existence
cybernetic modeling
cyberpackaging & smoke
cyber-sperm and ovum

dadaist drivel
daisy fragments
dance of diatoms
dandelion seeds: [I], [II], [III]
dark diatoms & space
data retrieval crystal
death & illumination
deception, greed, & destruction
destruction and redemption
dialog diffraction
diatoms & light
diatoms, sparks, & rainbows
digital & analog selves: [I], [II]
digitalized cyber-human
dirt, sky, & green orb
distribution curves & ocean shores
divorce & fragmentation
Donald Trump: [I], [II]
DNA, sunlight & water
double-vision nude & abstractions
dragons, fire, & water
dream box reflected
dream projections on old bark
dream worlds & bubbles
dreamy floating
droplets, text, & light vortex
druidic wells and broken glass
dry peyote stalk
dualism & unity