Tim Newfields

Online Art: E - K Topic Index


earth, energy polarities, & space
earth, nude, & verdancy
earth-pearl within a diamond
earth & shattered glass
earth-sky dynamics
earth, water & space
earth, space, & plasma arcs
ego orbits
echeveria & starscape
embroynic trinity
emerald arabesque
empyrean harmonics
encapsulated memories & waves
energy fulcra & fields
environmental destruction
eroticism & death
eroticism & digitalization
eroded text
erotic desires
eroticism & orientalism
eroticism & polyphonies of desire
Escheresque stairs
esturary effluents
euphoric concentration
expansion & layering
expansive luminosity
exploding heart
explosion near US Capitol
explosive anger & ideology
explosive blast: [I], [II]
explosive landscape
eye & branches

facial mask & liquid
facial morphing & core radiance
fascist guru
fashion myths
fauvist illumination
feather & laurel
feathered symmetry
feathers, light, & sky
female icon & ripped canvas
feminine stereotypes
femininity & mathematics
ferns, luminosity, & darkness
field interactions
fiery radiance
financial networks
fingers, flowers, & grass
fire & earth
fire & fossilized radiance
fire & power
fire & steel
fish & stars
flaming orb & stars
flatline luminescence
floral concavity & snaking
floral fusion
floral radiance: [I], [II], [III], [IV], [V], [VI], [VII], [VIII], [IX], [X], [XI]
floral symmetry: [I], [II], [III]
floral luminscence
flower, bamboo,& Japonisme
flower & circle
flower bulbs
flower fading in autumn
flower or insect?
flower petals & fossils
flower, skull, and 3-pronged shredder
flowers & female
flowers fractured
flowers & fractured luminosity
flowers &geometric foci
flowers & handkerchief
flowers, fading text, & geometry
flowers, weeds & burgundy
flowers &seascape
focussed energy
focussed flowering
folded fabrics
folded radiance & perfume
forest at night
forest, ravens, & green energy
forests, stars, & light
form & formlessness
fossilized flower
fossilized turds
fractal forces
fractal identity
fractured face & Mao's rhetoric
fractured polygonal interface
fractured rotundity
fragmented nacre
fulcrum & feathers
fugal speech & circlular logic
funeral pyre
furnace, salamander, & tapestry
fusion induction coils
fuzzy maze

gate keeping & prestige
gem facets
geometric alignment
geometric beauty
geometric convergence
geometric event horizons
geometric mirroring
geometric patterns v darkness
geometric patterning & enfoldment
geometric symmetries
geometric triangulations: [I], [II], [III], [IV]
geometries of light & darkness
geometry & light
geometry & trees,
George Bush, Jr.[I], [II], [III], [IV], [V], [VI], [VII], [VIII]
German flag & woman
German flag & man:[I], [II]
German literature & narrative
ginko leaf, straw, & water
gladioli blossoms in spring
global capitalist icons
global issues
global issues
global textual transformations
global warming
golden calyx & purple haze
Graeco-Roman bust
gravity vortex & breast
gray abstractions
gravestone & rhetoric
gravity whorls & balls
great white sharks
greed incarnate
green geometries
green orbs & radiance
green pepper & chopsticks
green tea powder & water vapor
guardian nudes & sacred corridor
gutter grate, stones, & screams


hamburger & hunger
hamburgers & teachers
hand & dissolving shards
hand, ball, & bullet holes
handerchief of time
hand, fist, & swirls
hand, light, smoke
hand, orb, & paper
hands & light
hands, grass, & light
hands, light, & plants
hands, water, & text
handsome man
hand touching grass
headless female torso: [I], [II]
heart impacted by light
heart & radiant cistern
heart & water lily
heart expansion
heart illumination
heart, light, & layering
heart, lightening, & galvanic rays
heart lock
heart, nude, & shattered space
heart reflections
heart rending
heart shrouds & luminosity
heart, sphere, & space
heart & goblet
hearts, rings, & rainbows
hemp & radiant plane
hibiscus & history
highway, car, & nude
Hindu illumination
Hirohito Hironomiya
hollow containers
hollow monstrosity
holographic color palette
human-book interactions: [I], [II], [III], human-computer interface
human face & cosmos
human rigidity & strength
humans & nature

identity projection via texts
identity & stereotyping: [I], [II}
identity v text
ideologue ignition procedures
illuminated cacti
illuminated cactus
illuminated discourse
illuminated hand
illuminated head & soy bean curd
illuminated points
illuminated stone & sky
illuminated text
illuminated text v white silhouette
illumination channels
illumination & concavity
illumination & young women illumination point
incomplete torus lens distortions
individualism vs. collectivism
information control
information strands & neural networks
inner illumination
imperialist butcher
information clouds
instinctual scripts
interdimensional thresholds: [I], [II]
interpersonal dynamics
interstellar attraction
interstellar buccal cavity
iris & earth[I], [II]
iris flowers & spring energy: [I], [II]
isolation & despair


Japonesque moon


kaledoscopic eyes
kaleidoscopic geometries: [I], [II]
kaledoscopic matrices
kaledoscopic rotundities
kaleidoscopic symmetry: [I], [II], [III]
kalmia latifolia blossoms
keyholes, waves, woman & light
kimono undressing
kimonoed woman & wood
knight on horse