T Newfields

Dialog Topic Index

A - B

aesthetic interpretation
Alan Ginsberg
America & sustainability
American genocide
American squeamishness
Armageddon & male hormones
art appreciation
arms merchants
art, hyperreality, & sanity
attrition & growth
awareness & automatization
Bruce Boston

C - D

change & transformation
Christian terrorism
conscientious living
consciousness & perception
court rooms
critical learning
creatuvity & dysfunction
criticism & acceptance
crusaders & propaganda
cultural icons & myths
cynicism & disinformation
deconstruction & philosophy
democracy & fiscal incentives
denial & inconvenient truths
divine retribution
dog-eat-dog existence
doomsday myths

E - F

economic imperatives
economics of warfare, the
education & programming
educational assessment
educational ossification
educational quality control
educational travesty
educational tyranny
Elise Boulding
experts & priests
faith & humility
feeling vs. thought
fossilized conversations
George Bush: [I], [II]
God & transcendence
government media control
history, myth, & simplification
´ human evolution
human mechanization

G - I

iconoclasm & anger
iconoclasm & conventions
idealism & pessimism
ideology, art, & action
informatic funneling
information overload & consumerism
intellectualism & faith
intelligence & technology
interconnectedness & time
journalistic freedom
limits of knowledge
logic: [I], [II]
lunatics defined

M - N

marginalization & environmental issues
McTeaching & market forces
metaphysics & common sense
military service & social class
money politics
mudras & mental states


orientalism, art, & transcendence
New York


pain as an awakener
peace poetry
petroleum politics: [I], [II]
pictoral poetry
philosophy & common sense
philosophy & struggle
photography & pixel-rape
pills & weapons
poetry & religion
poetry vs. capacinno
polarization & accomodation
political leaders
political rhetoric & poetry
post-modern logic
power & sustainability
power & weakness
pragmatic interactions


reading & romance
research decisions
religious sentiment
religious skepticism
religious tolerance
Richard Nixon
Ronald Reagan

S - T

satire & savagery
science & ideology
sense & nonsense
sermons &service
social control & individual choice
standards-based education
Star Trek &space colonialism
teacher roles
textbook agendas
textbook interactions
thinking & non-thinking
tribal vs. planetary identities

U - Z

vegetarianism: [I], [II]
Victorian novelists
zen style