Above – / a faint wisp of sky
Achtung! / Let me lay down zie Rules
Across the flimsy curtain of common "reality"
Acutely Amorous Awareness
A day will come when poetry writes me off –
Add the voice of a jazz singer
After Rome burns / build legends
Aiff I revealed meself / wood ya accept me?
Aiff science goez farre enuff
Air Force Pilot: I only pull triggers ….
Age 1: to crawl or walk …
A kiss / Cun buy a prayer
All adjectives are fictions –
All creatures survive through varied ways
All ding hold in dare hart
All Hollywood heroes / eventually get …
All men are dick heads
All I remember were / her dark, round nipples
All literature is but a fossil –
a little less dogma / a little more …
All of my life / has been inside a tiny well
All my life I've lived by the sea
All of us are lunatics!
All zippers / have secret agendas
A man is but a humble beast
America adored Reagan because / he brought …
America is a terrorist state.
America needs a poet for president
Amputated apogee of accreted …
A NP-fronting device appearing in some …
An shards ah time we ere a swimmin'
a nuisance to fishermen
Apple Computer: Unafraid …
Approaching System 255.026.007.
Are most teachers teachers
Aren't we born to love?
are you certain / you're human?
Armageddon is / a peace beyond …
As acres of wildlife become prime property
As a virgin most kyrie
As battle armor for various beliefs
As long as we are yearnin'
As our civilization edges …
As politicians trade power for gold
As psychoactive agents are ingested
As Words Sink into Silence
a snake slides smoothly / over a pair of …
As sunlight fattens the hours of each day
As the President drives his $19,000 …
as trees shed leaves each year
At age 1: Ice cream tastes good.
At 5:59 AM the reticular formation is activated by …
attack of the ankles / flying feet and fists
At the drop of a dime / existence evaporates
At the time I was born / the Cold War …
Attractive Asian woman seeking
A / worm is / squirming
Automobiles are an illicit affair with power and speed –
Ayeshoodd wake appu befir sunrise & finish …
azaleas are import / ant morning glories …


Background: Prof. Wuzzy is …
Bards in tho sky haf no neid of vusas –
Basically birds of a feather flock together:
Basically its a matter of gravity: when
Before a poem starts and imagi
Being a teacher is like working …
Behind the veils of time / are dramas …
Believe in awakening –
Be still as a lake without ripples
Beyond the clouds / across the stars
Beware of those m / aking a business …
Blessed be the peace breakers
Books can be burned easily
Blue skies and salty air revive
Blyst tho kunventions 'n …
Bright blossoms beneath dark …
bumper to bumper / stuck in the heat
Burn 3 billion tons of fuel a year.
Burning Man / is a commercial garbage –
Busy. Busy. Busy.
buttered love toast and honey
By their noble sacrifice / it becomes …


Can someone please tell me …
Chain saws are at war with forests
Chalkboard dust floats in space
cherish questions / thit chide othars:
Cherish small joys and frivolous intrigues
cherry blossoms don't matter
Circles of violence will only cease
Citizen #526-37-5989 – you are to be terminated
Classrooms are tools of the state,
clay of desire / fire of lust
closing my eyes /the world vanishes
Common folks ure like cows:
Countless snowflakes have touched …
Countless veins pulse through each leaf
Crisp, salty air blows bold fr
crossing over /deserts of pain
Cummin' out 'bout sex iz grate
cumming to rest . . . phasing to hibernal
Cut all desire / Clear all pretense away


Da warts of da Buddha
dead poems argh unsuckciss-full at …
Delight. It is that which we were born for –
Devote yourself to tofu –
Did you whisper something about …
Divorce is tearing your heart away –
Does it matter which color …
Do not separate intellect from intuition
Don't be brainwashed by TV / or virtual mindware…
Don't look at me –
Don't worry about / how many hands …
Don't worry about things / you'd rather …
Do plants dream? /I often …
Do spiders dream of butterflies
Doves and pigeons / differ not when seen
Dr. Claude Paxwell is a peace …
Dream wildly and wisely –
Dr. Frederick Freund is a noted psychologist…
Dust floats in space / as students …
D'ya feel like a dawg howlin' at nite?
D'ya wan'na beer?
D'ya wan'na new career / un chance …


Each day herds ahh consumer-cows
Each heart is a mat / ch destined for fl
each moment / in some parts …
Each of your paintings / held a world
Each person should examine their …
Each time the moon is full
Each time we love / Each time we laugh
Each time we wake up
Each time you reed / new meanings are formed
Economy a bit slow?
Elegant couples swirl through the air
Embracing friends / and helping strangers
E'm gon'na widdle 'n sing ta ya' then …
Encountering a few discarded cans
Endless hunger / relentless lunger
Enter new waters / and touch the sea
Even if a sixth of the world is starving
Everything comes to a point when ideas ripen
Excuse me, teacher / I had a few …
Excuse me while I put …


Faith is what leaps if dividends are uncertain
Farre from the Ancient Umbo
Fear / is the fabric of torn cobwebs
Fear not: / Words will turn to dust
Fear the Lord and all heterodoxy / Baah. Baah. Baah.
Finally we haf duh perfect solution
Finely powdered lacquer dolls
Fireworks explode in a summer sky
First of all / most people get their grammar wrong:
First sweeten the subject with a few …
floating in a sargasso of consciousness
Floral truths are manifestos
flowing sinuous lines weaving past
Foamy tides… / septic detergent phosphates ride
forGET aboot endINgs –
From dusk till dawn / aging lovers fawn
From the trash of our civilization
Frygrant wure thi fields whire wi frolickid
From a heart of fire / and belly of earth
From each lotus pond abundant life springs:


Gazing at pale blue skies…
Gears adapting / to changing political scenes
Get into an argument with a spouse …
Giant pig head / smile like buddha
Give me peace within a raging storm
God spoke to Moses / through a …
Glory to God in the Highest,
"God b / less our meney," / hawked a merchant
Go with the flow / Drift serene
Great poems grow like trees
Groowing olde is / witching wrinkles
Gunpowder / was the child of…
Gurus are perfect contradictions
Guzzling up cobalt milkshakes / and luscious uranium…


Heart beats and breaths are / love …
Here's a kummun gaime / dat niver …
High in the branches …
Hold your dreams lightly –
Hollowness resonating / through narrow pipes.
Hollywood is a bullshit factory –
Hory, hory art thou, o munificient lard
How can we ever know / the immensities within…
How can we speak about 'justice'
How can we teach global issues
How could a person who has only read…
How do advanced aeronautics relate to poetry?
How long ago did you smell a flower
How many / apples trees are in a seed?
How many gadgets does each person need?
How many layers of …
How many people listen / to what …
How many poets sing / from the …
How many raised hands / are …
How money T-chers deserve / dah name?
How should we feel in a place
How to put it all together:
Hulloh. Izz this 1-800-6969?
Human hearts err sech strange machinus:
Human population surpasses 10 billion


"I am a loser."
I am the darkness / that has no name
I'm a dark bull / charging towards every obstacle
I could feign indifference to you, …
I'd like to make a difference
Ideal citizens have no particular views –
Ideal students / don't need heads –
Ideas are like clouds in the sky:
If anything seems difficult
If attachment to earth is the root of evil –
If George Bush understood poetry
If God were a Woman / would She be…
If Japan is a democracy / then why can't people…
If one leaf has many veins / and …
If poetry becomes obsolete
If Ronald McDonald were gay
If schools were restaurants
If science goes far enough, what Frankensteins …
If the words of your life / seem oddly arranged
If we bisected argh polynomials / + traced argh sine…
If we considered ourselves visitors / to this planet
If we regarded people as pigeons
If you look t' teachers fir wesdom
If you view the world / from …
If your body were a match
If you can laugh like a six-year-old,
If you want to be happy
I have worshipped you / since my birth
I humbly urge all citizens of the world
I kuld sp / end a whule dei / ruttin poetry
I love it / when you probe inside of me
I love the sambas of your eyelashes
Imagine a country without Coca Cola…
Imagine a world poisoned / far profit w
Imagine our whole existence
imagine the sun / as a flower
I'm a cyber-addict / seeking …
I'm a linguistic predator / prowling…
I marched with Napoleon / across the plains of Russia
impatient for results
i'm sitting on an empty shelf…
In a thousand years / will the Mona Lisa still smile
In black satin robes of a funeral wake
in each person's heart / is a place
in everythin   g which can be seen
In fantasy / I'm a handsome prince…
In front of the mirror /pulling out gray hairs
In her eye s / t here is
In the forests of time / the roots…
In the furests of the heart …
I no understand new words berry gud
insects thrive! / reproducing at the blink…
in softly swaying branches
In some ways reading /is like sex
In the cathedrals of mammon
in the forest of ambition / where predator meets prey
In the forests of literature / there are so many trees.
In the forest of words / countless life forms take shape
in the silence of a forest
I pledge allegiance to dah United-Estates…
Is heaven in a hydrangea
Is life / a series of passionate sighs
Is love like a loaf of bread
Isn't fertilization the beginning of death –
Lessons from former lovers
is poetry irrelevant / and money-makin…
Is selling weapons / so different…
Is the highest point of art a …
It all looks hairy outside &…
It could start as an explosion in Moscow
It is always within / …;
It is just a hamburger, right?
It is madness to desire her
It's all about meat – and who will eat.
it's eazy ta B puffed up bi accumplishments
"It's fantastic," / I said while gazing at her
"It's fun to make new discoveries
It was only a matter of time
I wanna master the language of opportunity
I wan'a use computers / cuz it is …
I want to decorate / your breasts …
I wanted to gently stroke my love's * CENSORED*
I want to study abroad
I want to $ay how mu¢h
I was born with spring,
I wish / I were / a snowflake


Japan can say noh – it has for …
Jest azz budz sensez / when ta blossom
Judging people / by the money they make
Just a minute – n
Just as people use disinfectants
Just before dying / everything …


Ken yah reacche-out / n touch …
Ki / Kikikikiki kigawa
Kisses kun be prayers
Klaus is not like others in class
Knowing how to bend without breaking
Kun pholosophers stuiped in books


Lament the destruction of the …
Last night I met an amazing woman
Learn to love your monsters:
Learn to touch others like wind …
Les Brown: Happiness is living out your dreams.
Let's open our textbooks and practise…
Let us drink to uranium
Like a rogue planet passing occasionally…
Like / snowf / la / kes / in April
like the kiss of a lover
Lissen / Des here planet shelters meny…
Listen to my voice and relax.
Long before imitations came into being
Lookin 4 an x-otic 2-yr. vacashoon
Looking at the mirror isn't easy
Look into the flame
Love is a beginning – not an end.
love is a lan / guage hurd to enter / stand
Love people far whut they ere …
loveseedz of the hart / flourish as gruwing
Love words. Read extensively. …


Mad mushrooms of desire
macro economic indicators suggest that
Mah cock is ahh space ship
Make peace more profitable than war.
Many of us exist in giant pots
Many people are under the spell of television
Many schools are ghost-ridden
Many spirits dwell in each being
Many times in many words
MASTER: Initiate ANSI X3 protocols.
Millions of harried minions pretending to be free…
Mmmm. Mum. dumb. mummm. rum.
money is a language / wuth a streinge …
More like mannequins on st …
Most children play with soldiers
Most human beans / are boiling…
Most people are so busy racing forward
Most people reach a point whure
Murdering for the Motherland
My cock has a commentary on everything
My heart is alien / I am not human …e
My brain is shrinking:


Naked couple / Searching fingers
needles like / sword blades
Need to get some military hardware purchased?
'Ner kun we strike friggled poets
News making you depressed?
No mercy of the billows is …
"No – that is no good!"
None of this / will be remembered
No question about it: // the PLATO-700 system
Not creating toxic waste toxic waste
Great Recycling – / Wheel of Perpetual Change
Now follow me closely – listen …
Now he who has laid so many to rest


Occupy Wall Street!
Of all of the vampires I have known,
Of course I'm wild –
Oft have I heard of friggled ones
"Oh no – that's not permitted!"
"Oh No! It can't be that way!
OLDSPEAK: Love thy neighbors. / NEWSPEEK: Ask sum…
Olive mount of de / sire / cruci / fix of lust
Once I was a human
Once the goal is set / the rest is simple –
One common game that never seems to change
one sixth ah oll paople ore hungry
One subject difficult to b …
On shores of time we are swimming
"Ouch! That hurts!"
Our apathy today will make sure
Our committee of Ph.Ds
Our Father who art in Walmart
O say can you see / by the blaring …


Palm trees in Tokyo
Paramecium move through swirling immensities
Pardon me – / this is an offical customs screening
peering into a galaxy of colors
Person A: Please teach me right …
Pine Cones / have secret wisdom
Poets are at their best when perfectly in
Poets need critics like dogs need fleas
Poor Prof. Pietra! She
Potato Chip Politicans / arrr flaky ta duh kore
Powerful wraiting cums whun the …
PROPOSAL: To what extent is …


Real ninja stick to the point
Reflect on death – it'z humblin'
Re / member when / earth …
Remove my preconceptions…
Repeat after me…
Rest softly and in peace,
Reverse engineering seems improbable –
Rooted deep / deeper than …
Rubberized souls with polyester fans


Savoring the raindrops / falling from …
see / d of power / half-sensing fut / ure possibilities
Seeds: Ovular tiny pellets
Seeing in ways others were unable…
Seeing more than ordinary eyes see
Sence the implosoon uf reality is
Shadows of desire / color the hues of our lives.
Shanghai dude s / lick pocket…
She wanted a poem,
Shoot 'em and save 'em / Preach da gospel wid luv
Shuld I mind / lies and falsehoods / since they are part uf laife?
Since each day is another nail …
sinuous curves / inviting soft caress
Sing a kaddish for all tortured Palestinians
Smiling on holoscreens / encouraging consumers to buy…
Smith has problems / that merit a closer view.
So do you think that humans are angels,
Solid Amerikans haf / brains ah lead
Someday… distant planets may see human shapes
Some day it will no longer be a mystery
Some describe him / as a master of zen –
Some journey / s are trivial matter /s
Some people wear their beliefs like armor.
Sooner or later / the lush pastures of today
Souls may touch / When fingers clasp
Species: Bush Bug (Coleoptera Brutus)
Speed increasing / to .97 terminal velocity.
Spot is a bitch from the Bronx. Top dog in her…
Spynd jest a phew meinutes preporin fir klass
Starting as a seed in a vermilion galaxy
stenciled silhouettes illuminate / thin cotton screens
Step right up and taste one of our delicious
Storryes are chains uh avents
Streamingdesire / readytogo
Streamsofdesire / endlessflow
Sum claim Guernica and Sarajevo were / n't bambed…
Sum people blimp gracefully
Sum people don't f / it into standard blu
surrounded by seas of desire / and currents of …
Surrounded by blue immensities
Surrounded by emerald-blue immensiti….


Ta dupe dah masses / ta reduce social clashes
Take a piece of the waters / Peace to the waters
Take the oil of a young virgin's body
take yer candle / an raise ut high
Take 3 cubic ml. of neural tissue from
TARGET ASCERTAINED: / An oil-rich seat of unrest
To me – / What's it mean to be German?
Tharre's an anshient ginkgo tree
The ankles have one sense of reality
The best love exists solely in the imagination
The best teachers are butchers –
The breeze passing / over quivering leaves
The big mistake
The classroom cage / in the technological age
The compassionate Christianity of NATO bombers
the fabric uv death
The face in the mirror isn't mine:
The first TV was an obscenity.
The forests have existed for millennia.
The greatest dangers confronting America
The hands of countless artists create us gradually o'er time.
The hands which painted the head of Christ
The joy of reading too often mut /
The legends we hear are not just myths –
The life of a single individual seldom matters –
The life of a single leaf / isn't so different from…
The makeup has faded / The paper is torn
The most talented people / are naturally crazed.
The Noble Path was designed to make aspirants free
The old motor is silent
The paths 2 Plath / are filled with sharp curves
The pulsating vibrance of green
The queerness in me
The questions that matter
The radiance / of dark malachite crystals
There are infinitely many ways of loving –
There is no need for priests to speak
There is nothing to be broken
There's a creature in my closet
There is a weirdness to the food poets eat –
There never was an election… /only a democratic facade
"There's no time to study."
There's something in me that's not human –
There was a time / I desired beauty
The sea. We were born for it.
These proud arches
The sex life of snails / Has always fascinated me:
The sparkle in each child's eye
The stars ahh her body err with me
The universe is a chessboard / and we are pawns…
The universe is laughing at you –
The whorld is so mych bugger, braiter, 'n
thewingsofaraven / soarabovethepines
The world contains many hues – why not
The world is infested with economic parasites
The world may seem / rötten in kountless wayz
They already flow through you – / find the primal streams
They come to India seeking the exotic
They talk about saving the environment
Thine Is The Night:
Think of reading as an adventure / as a process of…
This dude lived artistically
This dusty, lacquered shell you see
This is Captain Kirk of the starship Mass Enterprise.
Though sum day I'm a gonna piss away
Through the whirl of pinball machines
tidal / waves o / f love haf sir
Time travel / is nothing extraordinary.
Time works on each of us
Tired of experiencing endless crap?
To a child in New England / snowflakes can seem like
To a child war might see / m like an amusin' game…
to be lone ly / is to / listen to y our he / art b eat…
To create beauty / knowing / it will all fade
Today's indisputable "facts" / will later be called myths.
To make suppositions appear as facts
Tonaite arghh luv izz ahh zzearin / a new peekz ah ecstazzz
Too often teaching is like a fascist power game
Touch is an exploration… / a journey along…
To some degree every book is a ghost
To some degree every text you read is a mirror
to / thuse / without poetry
To yoeng chaldrun / battlus seem liku annecint gamis –
Transmuting inconsistency / into sweet shibboleth
Two approaches have been used to study
Two decades ago / in the corn fields of Iowa

U - V

Uf we unvested in earth's foture
under fathoms of water
Under these forests are rich petroleum reserves
under water among sea laver
Uninspired poems are / like airplanes without wings:
Unless you learn to reach / you will never teach.
Uploading encrypted files into a master directory
unread warks argh like seedz / whach never take root –
Unvular ink bottle / floating in the deep
Upon the pillow of complaisance
Until you saw a blossom in me
Utilizing academic English
Value time. View teaching az a process ahh discovery…


Warning! / Mutant vegetables from outer space
Was there anything gay / about the way
Watch TV. / Drink beer and coffee.
Watched with both curiosity & disdain:
We are born to love
We are fish
We are members of each other / and part of an infinite plane
We are unexplored landscapes –
We have many attractive weapons available…
We have perfected the art of killing –
Welcome ladies and gentlemen / to "Discover Truth on Screen"
Welcome to ABC University –
Welcome to where the flavor is
We must all become warriors / not just passive beings.
we live in a mutant garden of eden
…well-centered texts balance countless multiplicities
We need smarter bombs / to neutralize our enemies
We're a peace-loving / nation determined to be strong.
we're mere pots / simmering under heat
we're basically garbage pits
We, the developer, have the right to screw you.
We were born to love
What appears in newspapers / isn't the actual news.
What are called "opposites" / Are poles of the same
What color is your heart?
What did Jane Smith really / think of Dr. Livingston?
What if each star / were a cherry blossom?
What God has not given us / gadgets can achieve.
What I teach is simply a science:
What kind of conversations /are happening in your mind?
What poets imagine as birds chirp in spring –
What's lost / is always greater than what's recovered.
What's at the core of an oni
What produces the night?
What shall we grade?
What some call corruption / others call opportunity.
What's this place - Kyoto, Japan?
What strange flowers have we fertilized?
What value is virginity / If it isn't worshipped?
what was once ocean / has become the ghost of a dry stream
What we are today / is but a fraction of what we could be.
What We Gradually Learn / are new ways to create
What will we do when our skies turn yellow-amber
What would it feel like / to be a fraction of a hair in length
…wheels with / in wheels mov
When a poem is finished
When bitter enemies cling to hate
When I sit down to meditate
When I support government policies
when meeting Gay Unknowns did you become a poet
When mum was born / the dimensions of our galaxy . . .
When my stomach speaks,
When old people gaze at children
When people boast of their intellectual girth
Whenwearenaked / andalonetogether
When you are alone at night
When you enter zis klassraum
when / you forget dah past
When you love / the world opens itself to you
Whether you ran on hi-octane fuel
while drifting / on drafting boards
whet is it thot wu find in each othar?
Who controls / the information you hear and see?
Who says Uncle Sam doesn't have a heart?
Who sayz I ain't black / jez becas my skin 'z now white?
Whose hero was Hirohito Hironomiya?
Whun I want it / she's too buzy / err simply not in the mood.
Whun I wus groovin up many yuurs ago
Why be a guru / if you can be a super-star?
Why be captive to your dreams
Why do so many Americans live in cowboyland?
Why have you forgotten / what human birth is for?
Why is it I dream of nuclear explosions in many cities?
Why mourn for those / mutated into mannequins
Why worry about death
Why should a few black strands / of wistful hair
Why should we bother to love anyone?
Will our future heirs / be macho mutants
"Will you eat I me?" / I asked politely
winter does not matter / for those whose hearts
Wired with filaments of steel
With bottle of wine / I float through rivers of time
With poems which had the symmetry of…
With proper symbols / the appearance…
with stainless steel scalpels
With the right neural implants
With you my birth was effortless
With 10 Minutes a Day To Perfect Teaching you'll learn
Words are like sediment layers
Words are only the beginning / action also counts.
Wroting wuth insparution / rither thyn intolloctoelizatoon

X-Y-Z & Numeric

Yahoo, Cowboys! / Blast dat dere varmit…
Yes, the perfect partner is out there for you:
Yes! You can drive up to your local rain for
You shouldn't do that!
You want fried potatoes?
20FDE3 / Your data input method is very
250 gigabits per second should be / enough to make . . .
2000: Wasn't that the year Gao Xingjian got a Nobel prize
+ One Class D Stealth Submarine
1. Rejoice among brethren –